Car Accident

Auto Accident Chiropractor in Longmont, CO

If you have back or neck pain after an auto accident you could have a spinal or whiplash injury.  If you do not receive the proper care, these types of injuries can have a serious impact on your health.  Untreated whiplash injuries can lead to months or even years of chronic pain.

Car Accident Injury

Man with an injured neck after an automotive accident


We Have Specific Training to Treat and Manage Auto Accident Injuries

Dr. Illman and his staff are experts in the treatment of auto accident injuries, receiving specific training through the American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians. They work with a collaborative approach to get you feeling better- fast, without the use of medication or surgery.


Whiplash Injury TreatmentTreatment Options for Car Accident Injuries

Your Longmont Colorado chiropractor offers a variety of treatment options including:

Our Clinic has excellent relationships with other medical specialists.  This ensures the patient has access to other providers as needed.  We also work closely with Longmont state of the art imaging centers, allowing us access to advanced diagnostics.


Other Ways We Help With Car Accident Injuries

  • We make payment easy, by billing your auto insurance, 3rd party, or accept your case on an accident lien basis.
  • We offer excellent auto accident chiropractic care, in addition to highly trained massage therapists.
  • If needed, we can assist in finding you the best car accident attorney to represent you
  • We provide defendable, reasonable treatment plans and objective, science based care