Nasal Specific Therapy Treats:

chronic sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea, deviated septum, vertigo, tinnitus, Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, concussions and “incurable” headaches and migraines

How it Works

This technique works to restore the brain’s ability to oxygenate itself by improving airflow into the upper cranial passages. Restoring normal cranial rhythm of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain.

What is it?

Nasal Specific Therapy – Overview

First developed in the 1930’s, this technique has many names including Nasal Specific Technique, Cranial Facial Release, Endonasal Technique and Neurocranial Restructuring. It involves gentle manipulation of the bones of the skull, primarily a bone called the sphenoid. A small balloon is precisely inserted into the nasal passages where it is then gently inflated. This pressure adjusts the sutures of the skull, creating more space within the cranium. Manipulating the cranial bones in this manner helps restore the brain’s ability to oxygenate itself by improving airflow into the upper cranial passages and can help restore the natural rhythm and flow of cerebrospinal fluid around the brain.  The shift in the cranial bones also helps drain trapped fluid from the sinuses in cases of chronic sinusitis.  Dr. Drew Illman often utilizes a variety of complimentary techniques and modalities to assist the process which include acupressure, dry needling, supplemental oxygen and specific nutritional supplementation.

Patients experience anywhere from mild discomfort to immediate pain relief when having the procedure done.  Though the visit is scheduled for 20 minutes, the actual procedure lasts only a few minutes. A treatment series of at least 6 visits over three weeks is required to see optimal results.

Dr. Drew Illman is one of only a handful of practitioners in the world who specializes in this remarkable treatment. He has been practicing it for over 10 years, with hundreds of successful cases.

“I was looking to find help with vertigo that I had following the birth of my last baby. I was so off balance that I couldn’t carry my baby up and down the stairs and often had to spend days in bed because I couldn’t stand up. After the first time I had NST, my vertigo was gone for a few days! Each time I got it, the results lasted longer and longer and now I have no more vertigo! The office is very welcoming and I appreciated the doctor’s friendliness. Highly recommend Dr. Drew and Left Hand Chiropractic!”

Elizabeth K.

“I had been suffering from the effects of Trigeminal Neuralgia for several years and felt like I had been to every doctor known to man looking for relief. I was beginning to give up hope when a friend of mine told me about nasal specific. After just a couple of sessions, my intense facial pain was almost gone and after the full series, I had no more pain or vertigo! I’m now 2 years out and my symptoms still have not returned. I am SO grateful to Dr. Drew! You can tell he truly cares about his patients and genuinely wants to help. Thank you, Dr. Drew!!”

Nancy S.

“I found Dr. Illman when I was looking for a chiropractor who specializes in cranial facial work to help me with a deviated septum that was causing me to snore. This is not a typical chiropractic situation so he was hard to find. There are not many that have this advanced training. The front office staff was very responsive and quick to help me get scheduled and answer all of my questions. The office is beautiful and they were very punctual with my appointment time. Dr. Illman has a great bedside manner and was thorough with his explanation and answered all my questions. The best news of all is that he was able to help and that night was the first night of great sleep without snoring in years. I highly recommend this office.”

Jeremy O.

“I don’t snore anymore! My wife thanks you, Dr. Drew!”

Mike J.

I specifically went to Dr Drew for Nasal Release Technique…because of horrific headaches every single day for over 4 years or more. It was a miracle and blessing for me! I would recommend this technique for any one with headaches or anyone that has had concussions. I was having 6 to 10 pain level headaches every day…now they range from 2 to 5…I’m still in the process…so when my headache creeps up to 6…then I pay Dr Drew a visit. I have tried everything and I mean everything…and this is the only thing that has helped! Thank you…Thank you Dr Drew!”

Wanda D.

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