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What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Thursday from 9am-6:30pm for chiropractic. Massage is available Monday through Thursday from 12pm-6:30pm, and Friday by appointment only.

What is the best way to contact your office?

While you are welcome to call our office, the fastest way to contact us is via email at [email protected]. Dr. Drew and Dr. Christine answer the phone and emails directly.

What if I don’t want to be “popped”?

No problem!  We can utilize several other methods of adjusting, such as Activator Technique or Muscle Energy Techniques (MET).  These are gentle yet effective ways to adjust your spine and loosen your muscles without causing any popping sounds.

Why is there so much variation between chiropractors?

The chiropractic profession can generally be divided into two primary groups:

Evidence-based Chiropractors

Evidence-based chiropractors work on a physical medicine model to diagnose and treat patients. Chiropractic adjustments are just one component of treatment and are generally blended with other therapeutic modalities such as hot/cold therapy, dry needling, Graston Technique, rehabilitative exercises, nutritional support and lifestyle changes.  Many of these chiropractors work in cooperation with other practitioners such as physical therapists, medical doctors, acupuncturists and naturopaths.

Both Drs. Drew and Christine tend to fall into this category, however, also believe that there is much about the human body that is not understood. Part of the beauty of chiropractic is the artful delivery of the adjustment as we have seen chiropractic have some amazing, seemingly unexplainable benefits for our patients.

Straight Chiropractors

Philosophically-based chiropractors maintain that spinal manipulation improves a plethora of health conditions beyond musculoskeletal injuries such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Their main diagnosis is a “vertebral subluxation”, which occurs when a misaligned vertebrae puts pressure on a nearby nerve thus causing subclinical impairment of that nerve.  Many of these practitioners promote long-term treatment plans and lifelong chiropractic care and adhere to the belief that spinal adjustments can cure any disease or condition.

How well educated is a chiropractor?

Chiropractors obtain a four-year undergraduate degree prior to applying to chiropractic school.  Chiropractic school is a four year doctorate program where the first 3 years are mainly didactic classes including Anatomy and Physiology, Neuroanatomy, Neurology, Biomechanics, and Nutrition.  The last year is spent honing clinical skills and working with patients in the school’s outpatient clinic.

All chiropractors must pass a four part National Board Exam and remain in good standing with the state by completing 15 hours of continuing education each year.

Do you offer lab testing such as blood panels and food allergy testing?

Yes.  As a member of a professional lab co-op, we have access to the lowest fee schedule in healthcare for blood panels.  We utilize the ALCAT test for allergy testing and Genova Labs for stool and digestive analysis.

What are your fees?

Chiropractic Fees

  • New Patient Chiropractic visit – $99
  • Chiropractic visit (15 minute) – $55
  • Monthly Membership visit – $49
  • Laser Therapy – $20 add on
  • Nasal Specific Therapy – $75
  • 6-visit package – $315
  • 11-visit package – $575
  • DOT Physical – $100

Shockwave Therapy

  • Initial treatment – $125
  • Single session – $125
  • 3-visit package – $300
  • 5-visit package – $500

Will I be charged extra for dry needling, Graston Technique or anything beyond an adjustment?

No. We have a simple fee schedule so you know exactly what to expect to pay for each visit.  Our chiropractic fee is all-inclusive and covers not only adjusting but also any other modalities that may be needed such as dry needling, Graston Technique, trigger point therapy and cold laser.

Can I use my health insurance?

We are no longer in-network with any health insurance companies, however, we will gladly email the insurance forms (called superbills) to you upon request.

These superbills can be emailed to your insurance company so you can receive reimbursement (depending on your policy) for your visit.

Why don’t you accept health insurance?

By not accepting health insurance, we are able to treat our patients better. We have longer visits and we’re able to do any adjusting and modalities that we see fit instead of having insurance companies dictate what we are and are not allowed to do. We also get to spend more time actually seeing patients instead of having to use our time calling insurance company after insurance company checking on claims.

Can I use my HSA/FSA account?

Yes! Chiropractic and massage visits as well as supplements are eligible for HSA’s and FSA’s.

I was in a car accident, can I use my auto insurance to pay for care?

Yes, you can.

Every insured driver in the state of Colorado should have a part of their policy, known as Medpay, that covers at least $5,000 worth of healthcare after an accident.  We ask that you bring your auto insurance information (including the claim number, policy number and adjuster’s contract information) with you to your first visit.  We will bill your auto insurance directly so that you can focus on getting better.  

I have been seeing Dr. Chris and Dr. Drew for 8+ years and have always benefited fro. my adjustments. I am on a maintenance plan know and it is great. Dr. Chris and Dr. Drew are great people and their office is very warm and friendly which is a reflection of them. I am glad I found them when I did because as I not only found good chiropractic care but also found friends.
– Jennifer T.

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Chiropractic has been part of my life for decades. Dr. Christine is absolutely amazing! The last three years I have experience debilitating pain. Some treatments helped but did not last. She has combined all her tools and pain has reduced significantly to the point I am sleeping most nights with little to no pain.
– Ruby A.

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