My wife and I have worked together for past five years, and we have two beautiful children.  Think about that statement for a minute.  We WORK together, and we raise a family together.  Essentially, that means we are together ALL THE TIME.  People- friends and strangers alike are quick to ask, “How do you do that?”.  Of course we are amazingly compatible to begin with, but the benefits of working with your spouse would make a long list.  I’ll start with the top 5 reasons to work with your spouse.

  • Working with your best friend. If you are married to him/her, you better like your spouse a lot.  Everyday I get to hang out with my best friend.  That rocks!
  • Collaboration is easier. My wife and I have an intense connection.  I can finish her sentences, and she can do the same for me.  This means that we know what the other is thinking.  We are able to get more done at the office because we both know what needs to be accomplished.  Do you have the same connection with your coworkers? (if you do, you may be having an affair….).
  • The benefits of male/female team. Prior to becoming a doctor, I was a pilot.  One of the tenants that was preached to me was the benefit of a male/female cockpit.  A man will find a solution one way, a woman a completely different way.  Utilizing both a male and female brain leads to more ways to find a possible solution to problems.
  • The seamless transition from work to home. Working with your spouse allows you to intermingle work and home life.  Need to run to the grocery?  Have your spouse cover for an hour while you run errands for home.  Not needing to strictly compartmentalize your life allows you to more constructively organize your time.
  • I have found that there is no one better at encouraging me when I am feeling down than my wife.  Since she shares our business with me, she knows exactly why I might be feeling down, and also knows why I shouldn’t feel that way.
  • Bonus reason……. Carpool with a friend!

Christine did not ask me to write this nor did she force me in any way (promise). My internet marketing company often encourages me to write fresh content for my site, and their request was to write on a topic that I deeply believe in regarding my line of work. This one takes the cake!

If you don’t believe me when I say that it’s great to work with your spouse, come see us! We make a great team, an amazing family, and we can’t help but bring that level of care to our patients.

Yours in Health – Dr. Drew Illman