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Left Hand Chiropractic Center is proudly owned and operated by a husband and wife team of local Longmont chiropractors, Dr. Drew Illman and Dr. Christine Illman.


Dr. Jonathan “Drew” Illman, DC

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Dr. Drew Illman Dr. Drew Illman is a licensed, board certified Chiropractor in the state of Colorado. He completed his Bachelors of Science from Indiana University and graduated from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, an accredited 4 year doctoral program that is considered a leader in evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Drew Illman believes the future of health care lies in prevention and natural healing and applies a whole body approach to health and healing. His focus is treating the causes of disease and not simply the symptoms. He prides himself on working cooperatively with other physicians, making sure patients get the complete care they need. His wide variety of treatments blend traditional chiropractic with some of the most effective physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition and manual medicine techniques.

Bicycling PhotoHe loves sports and played collegiate soccer in addition to racing with the Indiana University cycling team. As such, he loves treating athletes. While in school he took the sports medicine elective and learned the Graston Technique, which is excellent at treating soft tissue injuries. In his free time he enjoys cycling of all disciplines, hiking, flying, playing guitar, reading, and spending time with his wife and new daughter.

Dr. Drew Illman can also be found teaching at Front Range Community College, where he is an adjunct physiology professor.



Dr. Christine Illman, DC

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Dr. Christine Illman

Dr. Chris’s passion is caring for pregnant mothers and children. She has had an additional 2 years of training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has undergone training in prenatal pelvic function through the Institute of Birth Healing. Dr. Illman is a certified Webster Technique practitioner, which is a special technique used for adjusting pregnant women to help balance the sacrum and pelvis leading to more comfort during pregnancy and even a shorter labor and delivery.

Dr. Chris practices full spectrum chiropractic and uses a variety of techniques to adjust patients including Diversified, drop table, SOT, Thompson, Logan and Activator. While adjustments are very important, Dr. Chris will also address the muscular components of pain by using Trigger Point Therapy (working on the knots in muscles), Graston Technique or Functional Dry Needling. In addition to moms and kids, Dr. Chris specializes in treating migraine, headache and neck pain sufferers.

In her free time, Dr. Chris enjoys hiking, trail running, baking, reading and most of all, playing with their hilarious daughters Addie and Emma.