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Often occurring as the result of injuries to the neck, shoulder pain is one of the most common problems for which people seek chiropractic treatment. Pain in the shoulder affects millions of people and can stem from numerous potential causes. Our Longmont chiropractors strive to do more than provide temporary pain relief. We believe in finding the underlying cause of your pain and correcting it to provide long-term relief.

Common Causes of Shoulder PainShoulder Pain in Longmont

Though it can be caused by a number of factors, shoulder pain is most commonly experienced as the result or injuries, accidents, aging, accidents or poor posture. Physical and emotional stress can also contribute to shoulder pain, as can certain physical ailments, such as bulging or herniated discs.

When it occurs as the result of an injury or immediately following physical activity, pain in the shoulder is usually fairly simple to diagnose. When there is no obvious cause, however, a more thorough examination may be necessary in determining the root cause.

When You Should Seek Treatment for Shoulder Pain

In many instances, shoulder pain is mild and clears up on its own within a day or two. These cases are typically of no major concern, and further treatment is not necessary. In cases of severe, recurring or chronic shoulder pain, however, patients should be advised to seek treatment. Treatment should also be sought for shoulder pain that radiates to other parts of the body or pain that occurs as the result of a car accident.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain in Longmont

If you are suffering from shoulder pain and you are seeking treatment for shoulder pain in Longmont, trust Drs. Drew and Christine Illman of Left Hand Chiropractic Center. At Left Hand Chiropractic Center, we provide safe, compassionate chiropractic treatment in Longmont for shoulder pain and a variety of other physical ailments.

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