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Sports Chiropractic & Medicine

Sports chiropractic & medicine is very effective for the management of athletic injury. We take more classroom hours learning the musculoskeletal anatomy of the body than any other medical profession. As a result, we are extremely competent in the diagnosis and management of these injuries. We commonly see sprained ankles, swollen knees and shoulder injuries- we’ve seen it all before. We provide the proper assessment and management to speed your recovery and, if necessary, we have a team of experts we can refer to for conditions outside our scope of practice.

Treatments will vary depending on the condition, however most will follow a similar treatment plan. Initial management consists of passive modalities to decrease swelling and pain. Continued management involves a more active approach, where we walk step by step through strengthening and rehabilitation exercises and home care. Once the exercise or sports injury is properly healed and rehabilitated, we get you back out doing the things you love.

Sports ChiropracticDr. Drew’s completion of the Sports Medicine program at UWS, in addition to his background as an athlete has naturally led him to work with a number of athletes. He has had the privelidge to work with olympic athletes, national champions, professional bull riders and weekend warriors. Whether your goal is to run a sub four minute mile, or walk your dog around the lake- Dr Drew is happy to help.